Assembly is the first step towards getting your bike ready to ride, and Trailside Tuning is required to get it setup properly. This is where we distinguish ourselves from your local 'brick-and-mortar' bike shop.  We join you out on the trail to work this crucial process where we set-test-tune and repeat.  Leveraging years of experience and special tools we help you get all of this right, feel confident about your bike, and prevent back-and-forth trips to the shop.

Cockpit: 15+ Settings

  • Handlebar width and rise angle

  • Brake levers, shifters, triggers, and grip position

  • Cable and hose routing

  • Seat post height and dropper cable routing

  • Seat angle and fore/aft position

  • Stem length suggestions

  • Check and adjust headset

Suspension: 10+ Settings

  • Functional overview - how the settings change your ride

  • Air pressure setting for proper sag

  • Compression damping settings

  • Rebound damping settings

  • ShockWiz Tuning Session - Optional and additional cost

Tires:  5+ Settings

  • PSI - front and rear based on weight, spec, and riding style

  • Tubeless system integrity check

  • Tire check and recommendations on tire options

Drivetrain:  12+ Settings

  • Adjust shifting after initial cable stretch

  • Confirm proper derailleur adjustments and chain length

  • Check/Inspect bottom bracket for play

  • Check for noise

Brakes 8+ Settings

  • Advise on proper rotor/pad bedding procedures

  • Determine if bleeding is required

  • Adjust calipers for rubbing pads

  • True rotors

Trailside Tuning is a great addition to Bike Assembly and is also offered as a stand-alone service.  It is provided with no additional charge for Personalized Bike Builds. See our Pricing page for more information.