Bike Assembly

  • Full Suspension Mountain Bike Assembly:  starts at $200
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bike Assembly + Trailside Tuning:  starts at $250.  Please call for an estimate - there are lots of variables!

Trailside Tuning Service:  $100 within a 25 mile radius

Trailside Tuning Service + ShockWiz:  $150 within a 25 mile radius

ShockWiz Rentals (rentals currently available in the Greenville, SC area only)

  • Full Day Rental of one ShockWiz Device: $50
  • Full Day Rental of a pair of ShockWiz Devices:  $75
  • Installation and Calibration assistance (1 or 2 Devices): $30
  • Note:  this rental requires you to have your personal smart phone with app installed.  DoubleBlackBikes does not provide this.

Personalized Bike Build:  These are projects - we provide a detailed estimate and work with you to determine a reasonable fee.  This is what we love to do!