ShockWiz Tuning - Review

Recently we had an opportunity to put in some Trailside Tuning time with one of our customers in the Asheville, NC area. Alex is an experienced rider, confident on very technical trails, he's a former shop mechanic and quite competent with suspension setup. Afterwards we asked for his opinion and captured some feedback. We wanted to write up his experience to provide a testimonial to the value of testing with ShockWiz from an advanced-rider perspective.


ShockWiz Tuning the Kona Process 153

Suspension: Cane Creek Double Barrel Air and Rockshox Lyrik RC 180

Location: Ingles Field Gap, Bent Creek NC

Q:  What was your impression of the ShockWiz device and app while working with it?

A:  My Process 153 always seemed pretty well setup, but I felt it could be a little better so I decided to try your service with the ShockWiz. After noting my baseline and setting up the ShockWiz, I was impressed with how much information was involved just setting it up. The app gave step by step instructions and your spreadsheet helps keep all the data inline.

Q: Did you think it was easy to get high-confidence recommendations fairly quickly?

A: Yes, and having two devices is very nice. After the first session up and down Ingles Field it suggested adding a token and dropping pressure on the fork. For the Shock the suggestion was to add air pressure and reduce low speed compression. We took time to add the token in the fork and at reduce air 7 psi - and I'm glad we did that. For the shock we added 15 psi and reduced low speed compression 3 clicks.

Q:  Those changes were only 5% - 10%, and aside from adding the spacer were fairly minor.  Did you notice anything at that point?

A:  When we took off on Session 2 - the fork was spot on after those adjustments. Adding a spacer and reducing pressure made it feel more plusher on the trail bumps, but it ramped up quicker on the jump landings.  The shock also felt better. Adding pressure but reducing low speed compression damping had the same effect as the fork. I had been tweaking back and forth never found that sweet spot. A couple of hours with the ShockWiz and your suggestions and there it is.

Q:  So how do you feel about recommending this service, and using the ShockWiz?  

A:  My bike was well tuned to start, but I think the change's are a noticeable refinement and give me the confidence that my settings are now were where they should be, not just 'seem to be fine'.  I really like the way the fork rides set up with another spacer,  and adding a little pressure while backing off LSC on the shock evened it out with keeping the shock up in it's travel. In my opinion, it's not just advanced riders that would benefit. If you just purchased a bike, and want the suspension set up precisely and quickly, give this service a go. If you are limited on suspension knowledge and want to learn more while getting your bike setup give this service a go.  It was an afternoon well spent!