ShockWiz Tuning - Early Impressions

At this point we've gained some solid experience tuning different bikes with popular suspension components from Fox, Cane Creek, and Rockshox.  We've worked with customers on trails ranging from downhill race tracks to typical trail scenarios.  It's time to share some opinions and also offer our own ShockWiz Tuning Report template to the market.

  • Opinion #1: It was obvious working with customers that recording progress, capturing information, and leaving our customers with something tangible to reference in the future was important.  Scribbling notes on a 3x5 card and handing that over just didn't cut it. We also wanted a tool that kept us focused and working through the recommended sequence properly. So we designed a template to follow while we are out On Trail.  Our Tuning Report is on it's third version already and has improved the quality and outcomes of our tuning services.
  • Opinion #2: The consensus from riders I have worked with is that the person calibrating the Shockwiz, interpreting the Suggestions, and tuning the suspension should have a good understanding of suspension fundamentals and settings.  We acknowledge that this device is great for helping beginners, but we encourage those of you that are considering renting these devices to consider going to a shop that offers a full-service On Trail Tuning session with an experienced rider.  We're excited about how this device will help riders improve their bike setup, but we don't want an improper Calibration, break in sequence, or lack of context to result in a poor tune.
  • Opinion #3:  With an experience ShockWiz operator - you can get high confidence (100%) Suggestions quickly - potentially in less than fifteen minutes riding. Having two devices installed for gathering data dramatically reduces the overall effort.  You can achieve substantial improvements in as few as two Sessions if you get air pressure right after the first session and don't need to add or remove Ramp.

I have used this device working with professional mountain bike athletes, beginners, and experienced riders. It's fun to use and will likely become one of the most useful (special) tools in my toolbox. I especially look forward to the impact it has for riders on new bikes, and beginners.