Quarq ShockWiz - Process and Hints

After a couple of weekends tinkering with the ShockWiz - I would like to post a quick note on the importance of following process with this tool. Here's a typical scenario: imagine that you've just installed it and you're off for your first ride. After a period of riding you check the app and see you've got a good confidence score and you want to take a look at the Suggestions.  You work top-down on the screen and the device indicates your Baseline Air Pressure is high with a Red indication on the 'Remove Air side of the reading.  With the Red reading you know you need to reduce air pressure (at least) 10%, so you do some quick math and decide to drop air pressure 15psi.  You toggle back to the Home Page in order to use the ShockWiz indicated air pressure to make your adjustment, connect a shock pump, let out some pressure, and disconnect the pump.  

Now you're good to go off on another ride session so you tap 'Start New Session' and head out.  Right? 


Any time air spring pressure is changed, you must reset Baseline Air Pressure in the Settings screen. Any time Air Spring Ramp is changed, you must remeasure the Compression Ratio in the Calibration Wizard.

I know this is already written in the User Manual, and we all follow directions very carefully (yeah right). That said, I want to call this step out specifically because when you're on the trail and testing you may forget the details and have a tendency to rush towards the goal of getting damper setting suggestions and changing tune - it's natural. Slow down and follow process. To reinforce why Baseline Air Pressure is so important I have two pictures that depict what amount of impact simply attaching a pump to the ShockWiz has on the reading.

  1. Image 1: as you attach the pump and decrease the air pressure in the system, the App interprets that as a change in 'Shock Travel' position. A small 5psi change in air pressure on a DB Air results in the ShockWiz interpreting a -5% change in travel. The Calibration Status turns 'Red' - this your cue to go back to Settings. In this scenario you should reset baseline air pressure.
  2. Image 2 going in to the app settings and tapping 'Mark baseline air pressure' resets pressure, shock travel, and calibration status.

P.S.  This is also a good opportunity to capture the variance your shock pump has with the ShockWiz. I can see my (brand new) digital shock pump is 7 psi low. Knowing this is important for when you want to set your shock air pressure without the ShockWiz. For me:  148 psi on my pump = 155 psi