Installing a Cane Creek 110 Headset

We love the details - and here at DoubleBlackBikes we are constantly in search of choices we can offer our riders to make their bike unique. Color is a great way to customize your ride. You all have seen that bike that has a bit of color in all the right places - and my guess is that the Cane Creek 110 Headset is part of that.

This short blog has two simple goals:  

  1. Inspire riders designing a 'custom bike build' to personalize their ride while at the same time getting a very high quality, low maintenance headset.
  2. Let readers and customers know about some special tools to help ensure you get your headset installed properly

First, let take a look at the quality of the 110 - every detail is considered. This premium headset is available in a wide array of configurations for nearly all of the straight and tapered configurations out there. Depending on which type, they are available in up to five colors:  black, blue, red, silver, and gold.  

Next, let's discuss the special tools you'll need to do this properly. The Park Tool HHP-2 Headset Press is a crucial tool that provides leverage, and the precision you need for a proper install.  The Cane Creek Headset Cup installation adapter helps you get your SHIS straight - and we all know how important that is!  These tools aren't cheap, and require practice and knowledge to use properly. Find one of your friends that dream toolbox and borrow them, or give us a call for a hand with your install.

With a bit of patience the install will go smoothly and this headset will help you pull the the whole build together!