The vast used-bike market and Direct-to-Consumer options for new bikes means you can have the bike you want at competitive prices delivered right to your doorstep. Now all you need is a local mechanic to get you going and keep you going. Our multi-point assembly and inspection checklist combined with our experience from buying, selling, shipping, and transporting bikes gives us the know-how to get you going.

  • Full Suspension Mountain Bike Assembly:  starts at $200* - please call for an estimate
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bike Assembly and On-Trail-Tuning:  starts at $250* - please call for an estimate

The assembly is performed onsite at your home or at a riding location within a 10 mile radius with no additional service call charges.  We do travel greater distances to provide Assembly + On-Trail-Tuning. See our Pricing page for more information.

*Typical Assembly does not include hydraulic brake bleeding or repairs.