We are a rider-focused small business founded to support forward-thinking mountain bikers and athletes that purchase bikes directly from manufacturers or from the vast used market. We believe this direct-to-consumer model is the way of the future in our sport.  We recognize the challenge this presents the rider that doesn't have the knowledge or tools to tune their ride and keep it bike well maintained. We are also all-to-familiar with how it feels to deal with a shop that doesn't understand full suspension mountain bikes.  This is where we come in.

We established this licensed and insured business in January of 2016 after five years of effort accumulating knowledge, tools, and experience building our own bikes to ride and race across North America. We personally race our bikes on the most challenging terrain this continent has to offer - and we trust our mechanical skills with our own life and limb.  We would love your business and intend to help our customers go fast!